Literary cubism: what is it, origin, characteristics and authors

What is cubism in literature? When we talk about cubism we refer to an artistic avant-garde that manages to permeate different manifestations, however, on this occasion we will focus on the role it played in literary development, as it is considered one of the most important currents of avant-gardism that allowed the creation of important… read more »

Literary Dadaism: origin, characteristics and most important authors

What is Dadaism in literature? Dadaism was an artistic movement that developed in different artistic manifestations, in this case we will refer particularly to Dadaism as an avant-garde in literature, being one of the axes in which it reached its greatest development. Many researchers point out that Dadaism arose as a form of protest against… read more »

Literary expressionism: how it arose, its characteristics and authors

What is expressionism? It was one of the main artistic manifestations with special transcendence in the development of literature during the 20th century, especially during and after the First World War. One of the main characteristics of expressionism has to do with the adoption of particularly spontaneous and subjective forms of expression that were echoed… read more »

Russian literature: history, characteristics and main authors

What is Russian literature? Throughout history literary manifestations have taken place in different areas of the world, this is the opportunity to talk about one in particular. Russian literature includes not only literature that has developed in Russia, but also literature that has been written in Russian by authors from other parts of the world…. read more »