Lyrical Abstraction Expressiveness of Colors

What is the lyrical abstraction? Unlike all other currents of abstract art, the basic principles of lyrical abstraction, are quiet, quietude, balance and harmony. What you say that you can differentiate this current is that the abstractions also represent feelings and emotions of the artists but was that they could be understood by observers. The… read more »

Cubist art. Stages of Cubism, Artists and Features

What is the Cubist art? Origin Cubist art is considered an artistic movement that was present between 1907 and 1914. Cubism is considered to be a pioneering Vanguard was responsible for breaking with the perspective, the latter Renaissance principle following existing at the beginning of the century. Cubism had the nerve centre of the city… read more »

Art Dada or Dadaism, Cultural and Artistic Movement

What is Dadaism or Dadaist art? Art Dada or Dadaism was born in 1916 and is a cultural and artistic movement that arises with the intention of breaking systems, codes, and other elements set in the art world. Therefore, it is considered as an anti-artistic, anti-poetic and anti-literary movement that begins to search and question… read more »

Expressionist Art, Distortion of Reality

What is the Expressionist Art and What is its Origin? With its origin in Germany in the 20th century, Expressionism was established as a cultural movement that took important elements to shaping its style in different fields, such as dance, theatre, visual arts, photography, literature and cinema, among others, thus being a movement of great… read more »

Biography of the Best Surrealist Female Painters

Women Painters of the Surrealist Movement Surrealism is remembered by artists such as Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, Man Ray, Buñuel and Miró, among others, but this movement was also important female representatives, that deserve to be remembered. These Surrealist Female artists, who from the twenties of the last century were partakers, in greater or lesser… read more »

Futurism, Avant-garde Art Movement

What is Futurism? Futurism is an art movement and letters that originated in Italy and is intended to generate a different art which was beyond the traditional, conventional. With a strong emphasis on poetry. Therefore, to determine from those of  traditional created some postulates based on exalting the sensual, national, warrior, the worship of the… read more »

Figurative Surrealism, Figurative Naturalist

What is the Figurative Surrealism? This Surrealism movement had among its principles the concept of naturalistic figuration which considered that it could be an equally valid resource than other flows. Its artists representatives were interested in dreams and magical realism. So to understand the significance of this art, it is required to contemplate the works… read more »

Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary Pictorial Movement

What is Abstract Expressionism? This derivative of the abstract surrealist stream has a main characteristic the expression of the emotions, and the psychology of the artist, through color, completely denying the figuration. This artistic and literary movement of European origin emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, has like fundamental principles surrealism, but the… read more »

Informalism, Abstract and Gestural Trends

What is the Informalism? Out feature of the art Informalism is that it follows the principles of non-geometric abstraction, but keeping the materiality of painting and its multiple techniques, away from the non-figurative and figurative form, emphasizing the color as its subject and subject in the works. So it is an artistic trend specifically painting,… read more »

What is Surrealist Art? Surrealism Definition

What is Surrealist Art? Definition We can say that the definition of Surrealist art is a model that seeks to inspire changes surrealist with conceptual without them to be figurative. This movement started in France so Dadaism was one of their bases in the 1920’s, it develops as a way to forget reality and find a way… read more »