Casein Paint – Characteristics, Exponents and Examples

What is Casein Paint? Casein paint is a paint executed with colors ground in a solution of casein, a milk phosphoprotein precipitated by heating with an acid or by lactic acid on aggression. In the form of homemade curd made from sour skim milk, used as a traditional adhesive and binder for more than eight… read more »

The Reliefs – Painting Definition, Characteristics and Evolution

What are Reliefs? Reliefs are defined as a type of sculpture or modeling, which can be painted. Likewise, the relief is slightly separated from the background, being that, these sculptures have a projection that represents less than half of the real volume of a body or object. Relief, in sculpture or architecture, as well as… read more »

Tempera Painting – Characteristics, Evolution and Definition

What is Tempera Paint? A traditional tempera is a dense, pasty paint made with water, animal glue or vegetable gum, a chalk filler for opacity and pigments. Therefore, tempera is not egg paint, nor is gouache whitewash. Tempera is a term for paint that is said to be a color diluted with water and gum… read more »

Tachismo – Characteristics, Advantages and Representatives

What is Tachism Painting? It is a style of French abstract painting that gained popularity between 1940-1950. It is often interpreted as a European equivalent of Abstract Expressionism. However, there are stylistic differences between the two types of art. Tachism was originally part of Art Informel, which favored more intuitive expression over geometric abstraction. Tachism… read more »

Panorama Painting – Representatives, Characteristics and Evolution

What is Panorama Painting? Panorama painting, in the visual arts, is a continuous narrative scene or landscape painted to form a flat or curved background, which surrounds or unrolls before the viewer. Panoramas are usually painted in a broad, direct manner, similar to scene or theatrical painting. This painting was very popular in the late… read more »

Oil Painting – Characteristics, Representatives and Exponents

What is Oil Painting? Oil painting is a technique that uses a medium consisting of pigments suspended in dry oils. The extraordinary ease with which the fusion of tones or color is achieved makes it unique among fluid painting mediums, while at the same time, a satisfactory linear treatment and sharp effects are easily obtained…. read more »

The Mural – Definition, Characteristics and Exponents

What is a Mural? A mural is defined as a monumental painting because its size is very large, and whose support is a wall, vault, interior or exterior ceiling, unlike an easel painting that is transportable, it is related to architecture. The mural painting is the oldest art of which a record has been preserved,… read more »

Graffiti – History, Evolution, Concept and Characteristics

What is Graffiti? Graffiti, was at first considered as an act of vandalism, tagging, scribbling and so many other terms, often pejorative, associated in the collective imagination with this particular way now considered an art, because graffiti is a practice that used to be widespread, and took many forms. Graffiti has its origins in antiquity… read more »