Top Universities of Painting – Complete List


Which are the Main Universities of Painting?

Below you will find some of the institutions where it is possible to develop the art of painting.

University of California, Los Angeles

Offers through the Experimental Dean of Humanities and Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which seeks to train professionals in the area.

University of Berkeley 

Founded in 1968, it has made great contributions and research in, for example, the treatment of malaria or earthquake science. It has a B.A. in Art History, Criticism and Conservation. BA in Dance. Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Theatre.

Princeton University

Offers several majors covering all periods of European art and architecture, including Chinese bronze, pre-Columbian objects, Greek art, Japanese paintings, African art, American art, history of photography, theory and criticism.

Oxford University

This university was founded in 1096 and is considered the second oldest university in the world. The division of arts and humanities includes nine faculties and the Ruskin School of Arts.

Universities of Painting

John Cabot University, Rome Italy

Makes Rome a classroom, learning through debates, discussions and exchanges of ideas with international peers. Taking courses located at Rome’s famous monuments and historical sites, integrating students into Italy through learning with the guidance of experts on the university’s art faculty who are dedicated to student success.

University of Sydney

Australia, an economically developed country, has a large enrollment of art students. This university was established in 1850, and has one of the best art programs in the world.

Art Institute of Chicago

It has a museum, with some of the best facilities in the United States, combines traditional techniques such as figure modeling, ceramic kilns and looms, technical advances, such as heavy-duty computer routers and digital video cameras.

Royal Academy of Art, London

It is the most important in the United Kingdom, the oldest in the country in specialized studies in art. The faculty includes art critics, writers, essayists and guest artists who collaborate in the training of students, with studies based on linguistics, aesthetics and contemporary art.

Kyoto University, Japan

It is a very old university, which has what is considered one of the best art aesthetics programs in the world due to the influence the country has on art and culture.