Ensalmo: what it is and its most important characteristics


What is the ensalmo?

It is a type of prayer that can be expressed individually or accompanied by the application of remedies, including a specific procedure. It is characterized mainly because the ensalmo is attributed magical powers that allow the healing of some disease, which is why it has been associated with a ritual formula of magical and religious type.

The ensalmo is one of the types of oral literature due to its transmission through words, used by wise men or healers who usually accompany the expression of the ensalmo with prayers and subsequent applications that are part of alternative medicine.

What is the ensalmo

Main characteristics of the ensalmo

Let us now review some important aspects of this type of oral expression of literature, which will allow us to delve deeper into the use of the ensalmador and allow us to distinguish it from other manifestations:


Although the ensalmo can be pronounced in a general way, if we consider the esoteric character that also implies the practice, it is relegated only to a person who has the authority to mention it and accompany it with the procedure of alternative medicine. This person, known as ensalmador, can also receive other names according to the culture, region, etc. Thus, we also find that he is called shaman or healer.

Mystical character

One of the main features of the ensalmo, has to do with the fact that, unlike a religious prayer or a prayer in which words of supplication are raised to a sacred personage in search of relief or protection, the ensalmo has the esoteric, magical and mystical character of the one who applies it to achieve the healing of a sick person.

Position in the healing dynamics

The expression or mention of the ensalmo occupies the most important place within the healing process, since it constitutes a fundamental element that advocates the healing or cure of the disease that the person is suffering from before the practice. However, it is possible that it is also registered in a secondary position, where it functions as a diagnostic method, although it does not cease to be important in the healing ritual.

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