Conjuration: what it is and its most important characteristics


What is an incantation?

It is an expression that represents a kind of magic formula with which the realization of a series of magical acts is sought. Among this type of acts, we find the invocation of a supernatural force or divinity to request its intervention in some circumstance, to cast a spell or to ward off evil.

The incantation is one of the expressions that are part of the most important types of oral literature, its belonging is due to the transmission of the content through speech from generation to generation, on this occasion, from cultures and customs that perform the same practices.

Main characteristics of the incantation

Spells are attributed an important power when applied from a popular belief and use according to different purposes and cultures, which is why it is important to consider some key aspects that allow us to deepen in its operation. These are the most important characteristics of the incantation:

Objective of the incantation

Among the main features of this type of expressions, we find that the incantation has a great variety of possible applications according to the purpose of the magical act that is being performed. In this sense, we find that spells have been performed to drive away unwanted people, attract the loved one, interfere in the couple’s life of the person who performs the practice, among others of this type.

There are also other types of incantations such as the opening of roads, which are oriented to open roads with better energies that allow the being to move forward and easily overcome any obstacle.

Early registration

One of the most important characteristics of this type of expressions of literature has to do with the early record that we have of it, since a great part of the ancient incantations have been traced from the great religions, especially from the monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This is because after their great success they associate magical activities with the devil.

What is an incantation

Among the oldest we find incantations described in magical rituals with burial and embalming processes, as well as it is also possible to identify incantations in the Book of the Dead, one of the most important funerary texts of Ancient Egypt.

Fictional terrain

The actions for which the use of the incantation is essential go far beyond logic and reason, so that an incantation is limited to the realm of fiction, or, as mentioned above, within the popular belief in the supernatural.

Incantation in religion

In the case of the records found in the most important religions of the world, the incantation is represented from a series of phrases that are performed in dead languages such as Latin and Greek, and appear within the exorcisms of Christianity. This is due, according to experts, to the fact that these types of languages increase the effectiveness of the incantation.

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