Neoclassical Architecture – Beginnings, Evolution and Characteristics

What is Neoclassical Architecture? Within neoclassical art we find several disciplines among which neoclassical architecture and sculpture stand out (although there were other very important disciplines as well, such as music or painting). Neoclassical art is one of the most outstanding artistic styles in the history of art, together with baroque art, gothic art and… read more »

Postmodern Architecture – Definition, Objectives and Features

What is Postmodern Architecture? During the 1970’s an artistic movement called postmodernism appeared, which had several disciplines among them the most outstanding was postmodern architecture. When we talk about the types of art that existed and emerged throughout the history of art we have to highlight some that were very important such as modern art,… read more »

Renaissance Architecture – Concept, Characteristics and Concept

Renaissance Architecture This architecture was born in the XV and XVI centuries in Europe, having as basic elements the wall and the column. From there, the column always supports semicircular arches and the style of the most used capital is Corinthian and next to it appear Doric, Ionic and composite. Likewise, another element that characterizes… read more »

Gothic Architecture – Definition, Examples and Representatives

What is Gothic Architecture? When we talk about gothic architecture we refer to a discipline that appeared with gothic art. Within the history of art we find many types of architecture such as baroque architecture or gothic architecture, in addition to the large number of architectural styles that have been appearing in history, these types… read more »

Baroque Architecture – Baroque architecture in spain

What is Baroque Architecture? When we talk about some types of art we also make a small reference to the characteristic disciplines that each of these types of art have, such as the types of painting, the types of architecture or even the types of sculpture that exist. Within the baroque art one of its… read more »

Medieval Architecture – Definition, Concept and Exponents

What is Medieval Architecture? The architecture of the Middle Ages is developed in three styles: Byzantine, which influences the entire period, Romanesque between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and Gothic style between the twelfth century to the fifteenth century.  Thus, in Byzantine architecture, considered the first important style in the Middle Ages, highlights the structural… read more »

Roman Architecture – Definition, History and Types

What is Roman Architecture? When talking about the different types of architecture there are architectural styles that are more outstanding than others, such as baroque architecture, gothic architecture or even Roman architecture. Obviously architecture is a very prominent discipline within all the types of art that existed in the history of art. Definition of Roman… read more »

Etruscan Architecture – Concept, Definition and Best Artists

Definition of Etruscan Architecture Etruscan architecture at that time was located in Italy, between the Tiber and the Arno (part of Tuscany and northern Laccio today). Therefore, its appearance is marked at the beginning of the VIII century and its origin is not very well defined. However, there are two theories about the birth of… read more »

Greek Architecture – Characteristics, Styles and Development

What is Greek Architecture? Greek architecture is the architecture produced by Greek-speaking peoples, such as the Hellenic people. It evolved over time, flourished in the Greek peninsula and the Peloponnese, in the Aegean islands and in the colonies of Asia Minor and Italy in the period from 900 BC to the first century AD. Greek… read more »