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Abstract Surrealism, Pictorial Tendency within Surrealism

What is the Abstract Surrealism? Abstract surrealism is a tendency within surrealism characterized because it applies automation in its purest expression, so the representation form is lost and instead the artists create and recreate their own worlds. Attributed to abstract surrealism as well a very important contribution in the origin of abstract painting, having in… read more »

What is Academic  Architecture?

Academic architecture The architecture of beautiful art, refers to style that was taught at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. Results from a strict way of lecturing influenced by  the Royal Academy of Architecture and after the revolution of the Academy of Fine Arts instruction. It is characterized by a specific protocol to… read more »

What is Architecture Archaic?

Archaic Architecture Archaic Architecture is the most primitive, with a very basic and simple style to protect from the climate and to make educated according to religious trends, gods and rituals, megalithic structures, construction of houses or huts. It is called Archaic architecture to that made of limestone and marble. The main representatives are the… read more »