Religious Theater – Concept, Relationships and Characteristics

What is Religious Theater? The humanists who pursued a classical Greco-Latin ideal, went against the firmness with which the free experiences in the medieval theater had been constituted, therefore, they created the Religious theater that is located at the end of the XV century continuing until the middle of the XVI century. Likewise, the religious… read more »

Medieval Theater – Origins, Genres and Characteristics

What is Medieval Theater? Medieval theater takes the form of liturgical drama that was staged in the Roman Catholic Church. Likewise, this theater was often performed through pagan and popular festivals. Thus, in the 10th century, the different ecclesiastical rites, such as the mass, were performed as a dramatic representation. It is considered that at… read more »

Roman Theater – Construction, Concept and Evolution

What is the Roman Theater? The Western theater could be developed and expanded under the influence of the Roman theater. Thus, the Roman historian Titus Livy wrote that the first experimental theater of the Romans took place in the fourth century B.C., with the staging of Etruscan actors. Beacham argues that they had been familiar… read more »

Greek Theater – Concepts, Characteristics and Definitions

What is Greek theater? The Greeks were the first to stage the politics, religion and daily life of their time.  Therefore, it is in the Greek theater where the concepts of drama, melodrama, satire, parody, tragedy and comedy arise. Therefore, the main function of the theater was to entertain, while at the same time criticizing… read more »

Classical Theater – Meaning, Concept, Characteristics and More

What is Classical theater? According to Aristotle, the Athenians developed tragedy first, with comedy following a generation later. This assessment being essentially correct, it is believed that comic drama as opposed to comedy itself, the theater of humor versus the formal genre of comedy, seem to have evolved along with its tragic counterpart, perhaps even… read more »

Theater – Concept, Meaning, Types and Characteristics

What is theater? Theater is a representation made by the human being of the almost always real situation that is in the space of life and daily life of people. It can be said that the theater, besides being part of the culture of the people, allows them to recreate reality and thus distance themselves… read more »